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August 03, 2007



I would be Oprah because she is an AMAZING WOMAN!!!! Not to mention she is LOADED! Just think of all the good you could do with ALL that money! In fact, I could change the world . . . wait a minute, she already has!!! GO OPRAH!


I would be Chloe on 24...She's amazing on the computer (I wish I was good on the computer!) but she has horrible social skills (I can relate!) Chloe all the way!


I would like to be Phoebe on Friends. Afterall, how many people get to walk through life that "blond" ?


Friends is such a great show...I can't decide between Rachel or Monica! I think I wouldn't mind being any of the girls on the show! :)


I would be Bill O'Reilly so that I could say it just as it is! There are so many pinheads in the world today!


Xena: Warrior Princess- no question. They don't call me Jac Attack for nothing... yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!


Hmmm.....I would be Jeff Probst, of Survivor Fame. He gets to go to all these amazing places, but doesn't have to "SURVIVE". He gets to stay on the good side of the island LOL!

Shannon Blinn

Wow...that is a tough one since I don't get to watch much "big people" tv anymore. But in the spirit of the question...I think it would be cool to be Kim Possible...fighting crime, hanging out eating mexican food...that would be the life...and she's even a cheerleader! LOL

Katherine B.

I would be exactly who I am.

liza jane

Depends on the mood I'm in, but today, I would be Bones. She is tough, no nonsense and focused, not at all like me.


Are there any tv shows about a disorganized, scatterbrained, coke drinking mom who moves boxes around and escapes life by watching movies and leaves twirl in the wind? That's probably good for network ratings! I want to be Martha, just long enough to get half as organized as she is.


Wow! Time for a new question. However, with writers still on strike, tv is kinda dull. I would like to be 'Bones'. She is great no matter how many times her series reruns, and she kicks a**. Love to be her!


I would like to be Rachel Ray. Cute, good cook, fun personality.
Seems she has it all and somebody to do the cleaning.


Bugs Bunny. He always wins and gets the last laugh.


Hmm, too many choices. I maybe hiding a split personality. Can't decide. How about an easier question? First thing I will do when the ice melts...
My next great novel to read...
My dream vacation would be...
My favorite winter activity...
maybe just blogging will pass the time.

Ria Philips

I would be Angela in Bones. I think it's great how she can make a 'person' out of nothing.

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